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How to Become a Soccer Player

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Oneone is cool Career Research #1- Soccer Player

A soccer player is responsible for being good at the sport, being fit, and basically entertain the crowd. The specific tasks that a soccer player does is make sure your team wins. The environment that the job will take place in is outside. Sometimes it could be inside if it is raining or the weather is too harsh. But that only is for training and depending on the team you are on.

This is what I wanted to do because I don’t like being indoors for ever. I like to get some fresh air. The rewards for having this job is recognition and good health. This is not the same rewards that I wanted but I can work with this. This job is is satisfying because I enjoy the sport. It is satisfying to win and be part of a team. This job is compatible with my behavioral style because I work well with other people. I will need to do a lot of training. I will have to start training even from today if I want to be in a team. I will also need to go to college and study anything as my major, but it will help if I study fitness. This job requires me to be fast, good, have control, and no heart problems. I do not meet these requirements because I still need to train more and I have a long way to go.

What I could expect from a beginner on this field is at least $50,000 a year and to not be played as much. The average mid range salary is $70,000 a year. But this all depends how good you are. Somebody could be a beginner and make as much as $200,000 a year. This is just the average. This does not meet my salary requirements if I take the average but I could look at this as a part time job. So I can have my second career to make at least $100,000. There will not be that many job openings for this job since thousands are trying to become a soccer player. Technological changes might not impact this job because I don’t think a robot would entertain people by playing a sport. Economical changes can affect this job. For example if the industry runs out of money and ever person in the job will make less, but I doubt that will happen. The aptitudes, strengths, and skills I will need for this job are to be very fast, have a good shooting ability, ability to adapt, and fast reflexis. If I was to transfer I would most likely be a coach. What I can do to begin preparing for this job is to practice on my own. I will be fighting for a position that thousands of other



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