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How to Become a Great Baseball Player

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Essay Preview: How to Become a Great Baseball Player

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Being great at a particular sport, such as baseball, is actually quite simple. It takes a mix of talent and even more hard work. I have seen a very large number of athletes come through this high school with all the talent in the world, but had no work ethic. Talent is only a fraction of what is needed to be great.

The process of becoming a great baseball player takes talent, hard work, and a ton of practice. Baseball, being the second hardest sport in the world is a hard sport to stay discipline at. As a player, he must make sure he works at all the drills everyday, boring or not. Also, he must have the mental mind set that he definitely wants to make it to the big leagues, if he doesn't, then its all a big waste. If a player is playing to be mediocre, then there's no use, play to win! Doing drills, and keeping in shape requires dedication and a mind set which reflects one thing, and that is to be the best, and to not let anyone stop you from being so.

The steps of gradually becoming great do take some time, so every player must have patience. The player must start playing at a young age and be aware of the game. The player has to literally live the game, his mind is set on baseball the majority of the time. Up until a certain age, the player usually doesn't take the game that too seriously. However, when the player gets older he has to make a decision whether he wants to be great or not. The player that wants to be great will practice everyday and become dedicated to it. Dedication and motivation are the two keys to being great, the player has to stay motivated to be the best. For instance, staying after practice to run or hit balls and then go home and hit more, that is pure love of the game. It is also important that the player goes to camps and clinics on his own, he can't rely on the school to do it's own recruiting. Just going to mandatory practices isn't going to do the job because the player will have no edge on any other player. But the biggest edge of all, in my view, is motivation.

Checking this process also will take some time. A hungry, motivated player will never be satisfied with any results, he will keep pushing himself and working for more and more success. Being great is all about goals, and when a goal is completed, a new one takes its place.




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