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How We Can Help

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People have dreams and aspirations of some day having a high paying job. My mother would always tell me as a child what her mother once told her, "Momma said you better go to college to get a high paying job." Although going to college will certainly help out with attaining a high paying job, these jobs are not guaranteed with the whole college package. All walks of life are hit with this minimal living lifestyle. There are ways that the government could help out people who are willing to work, but cannot make enough money to be guaranteed basic needs. Two things the government could do to better the work force is provide a reasonably priced health insurance, and an income sensitive childcare. There are millions of Americans out there that are willing, but the wages just are not high enough.

By the government providing a reasonably priced health insurance policy it would better the direct effect of the work force. Employees would have a better quality of life by having healthier bodies and families. They would feel more comfortable taking the risk of coming to work everyday with health insurance. This would also benefit the employer due to the fact that he would have better fit employees. There would be better work production all around because the worker is happy as well as the employer.

Employees not only need to be physically stable they also need to be mentally stable. The government could help out employees with children by providing a reasonably priced childcare program. This childcare program could be based on the amount of employees' income. The daycare would have to be a place where the employees would feel comfortable leaving their children. This gives the parent a positive state of mind for the work day by knowing that their child is taken care of. The employer benefits from the childcare program due to the fact that the employees have better attitudes, and they are not worried about their children throughout the work day. This also ties into a positive direct effect on the work force, which increases productivity.

In conclusion, I think it is so sad to see people out there willing to work 100%, and still not be able to provide themselves the three essentials of life. There are two ways the government could help out people that are willing to work, but cannot make it. They are providing a reasonably priced health insurance and childcare. To take some of the load off the government, civic organizations



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