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How My B’nai Mitzvah Changed How I See the World

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Essay Preview: How My B’nai Mitzvah Changed How I See the World

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How My B’nai Mitzvah Changed How I See The World

Emma Ginther-Reboja

At a young age, the world seems very small to me. All I was really familiar with were my family, my friends, and where I lived. I didnt really concern myself with world hunger or keeping peace between people; I normally just stayed in my own little bubble. But when I was 13, I became a Bat Mitzvah! Through that process, I was shown a new world that sent me down a path that I knew would change my life forever.

For instance, the temple in which my ceremony was held, carry a great tradition of tying volunteerism to the B’nai Mitzvah process. I had to develop a project that symbolized a jewish value. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved helping others. I also understood how privileged I was, and therefore I had a responsibility to do what I could to help improve the lives of others by simply helping out. Since I practically already know everything there is to know about volunteering and helping others, volunteering was nothing new to me, But this time, I would be on my own with only little help from others. Plus, I had the freedom to pick any type of service I desired, which was both nerve racking and exciting to me.

Finally, after a few days ofo thinking. I had decided that since I have such an abundance of love for animals that I wanted to sell paintings of animals to create a fundraiser to help animals in need who are not able to care for themselves, and to give these animals a second chance in life. The money will then go towards, “Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals”. Each animal painted represents praises that each one proclaims. Surely, the Torah teaches us that we have what it takes to learn from every animal. While painting these animals, I would also have to study the Perek Shirah (Jewish Ancient Text) to get a better knowledge on why animals are so important in the Torah (A scroll containing the Torah)

“Time flies by so fast!” I said anxiously to my Mother. She then nodded her head as if she agreed. “I'm so nervous,” I said before she could even reply. “You’ll do great, and everyone will love your presentation.” My Mother said, with excitement in her voice. “I hope so,” I replied. I cant believe Im going to become a Bat Mitzvah (a ceremony Where a young Jew celebrates the special traditional rite of passage) today! I thought. As everyone settled into their seats with their refreshments and sweets, the Rabbi then stood up out of his chair and introduced me to all the people that had joined for the ceremony. I then presented my recording that talked about my project, how it was a Mitzvah and



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