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How Does the Lymphatic System Protect the Body?

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Essay Preview: How Does the Lymphatic System Protect the Body?

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Long story short the lymphatic system could be considered as the body's drainage system. It's job is to extra excessive fluids that are from all over the body and takes it back to the bloodstream. Even though they're are terrible small lymph nodes in general have a very important role in our bodies as they filter the lymph of infectious pathogens and harmful waste before it is returned to the main blood stream. Without this stem most of the infections and diseases would simply be allowed to circulate throughout the body's organs and tissues freely, that would mean that we would constantly feeling ill.

Although the two systems (circulatory system and the lymphatic system) work together they are very different from one another. Lymph moves in only one direction through the body, which is completely the opposite from the circulatory system that transfers blood around the body in a continuous flow.

As I have stated the main role and function of our lymph system is to protect our body against infections and diseases. They do so via the immune response. As soon as they identify a pathogens (which are infectious agents) they will respond immediately by doing the distribution of lymphocytes (which are the agents who fight the infection cells). The lymph system also helps us to maintain fluid movement between the cells and the bloodstream. It could most certainly be considered as the body's "wastage disposal system" and it's role it to remove waste products that can are left over by the cells and then ship it to the bloodstream which will ultimately circulate and make it's way out of the body.

How it goes it pretty simple, after the blood has delivered it's beneficial components such as oxygen, nutrients and hormones to cells, 90% of that blood will eventually go back to the circulatory system and carrying waste products picked up from cells. The 10% reaming would be the fluid that stays behind in tissues as lymph which is a yellowish protein rich fluid.

Lymph nodes are an important part of the lymphatic system even though they are very small, lymph nodes have an oval shape that traps foreign particles and aids to filter these particles out of the body. These nodes are filled up with a fluid named lymphocytes which a certain yipe of white blood cell. This white b blood cell's job is to target foreign and also potential harmful particles that could be considered as dangerous by creating antibodies. The only way that lymph nodes are able to find



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