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How Does My Environment Influence My Characteristi

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Essay Preview: How Does My Environment Influence My Characteristi

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How Does my Environment Influence my Characteristi

question : How does my environment influence my characteristics? Since I live right in the heart of San Bernardino, California. The weather is always beautiful . Which lgives me an opportunity to what I love most which is to enjoy the outdoors. I have a perfect size swimming pool for my 10 year old daughter and her friends to play in when summer comes around. I am always working in my yard and garden. I keep myself busy doing something whether it is helping others or just normal housework. Just recently began preparing to take my G.E.D. test.It is important since my daughter seems to be passing me up with her eduaction.

Staying busy is really important since I just lost my father,my grandmother ,my house burnt down in the wild fires and last but not least my son has been sent to Iraq. I just continue to make the best of it. I love life and live it to its fullest. I enjoy planning barbeques and camping trips helping my daughter with her projects for school, take care of my elderly in-laws and most importantly find time for myself. So that is why I took up preparing for my G.E.D. For the rough days I make Blessed Yellow Ribbons for the soldiers in Iraq for their safe return.

I have a crazy side also, I like to break out the coffee table crank the tunes and dance on the table with my daughter and her friends .I keep things going around here when times get tough It is just my way to make the tough times easier.I also have a caring side.I am a full time nurse to my father-in-law because with his diabetes he needs around the clock care with shots daily,showers and doctors appointments to go to.I enjoy helping in anyway possible.Just another thing to keep me busy. After reflecting on myself I now see that I am mostly responsible for my secure household and my surrounding.I will be honest and say ,I must have everything set to my convienience so I can continue to care for the people I love the most I believe

that I have been blessed with a wonderful family and a wonderful life. So it is my job to do well and make the best of it. I asked my daughter about influences and eenviroments and such and she said mom you are what keeps us together around here day in and day out I believe her. God Bless America! and God Bless our brave soldiers. Leann Beaumonte

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