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How Does Lack of Sleep Affect the Human Body?

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Essay Preview: How Does Lack of Sleep Affect the Human Body?

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Jocelyn Inzunza

Period 5&6

Language Arts and Geography

Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Garcia

El Rescate

Position Speech

My name is Jocelyn Inzunza, and I am here because I would like to explain my desires of being Logistic Manager for our group. I am suitable for this position for many reasons. I am surely aware of the responsibility and the skills that are required to fulfill this position. This task requires me to set up a place for my group to have meetings. Also I will help the members of my group have transportation to all the meetings. I will also be in charge of getting our materials to our meetings so we are prepared.

I deserve this job, because I am responsible. In many group projects, the students in my group have told me that I am very organized and think I should be the leader of our group, but I believe that job should be given to someone with for time. In past experiences, I was always in charge of something because my group members had trust in me. I know I am capable of being given this position because I am responsible and trustworthy. I am also very determined and I push myself to work harder and harder at every task that is given to me.

I will be 110% devoted to my El Rescate group and I will complete my job as Logistic Manager. I promise to put aside anything that is not as important as my dedication to my El Rescate group and projects. I promise to all my group members that I will commit to my group no matter what. I promise to put my biggest effort for this project to be successful. I will also follow the groups concerns to the best of my knowledge. Also I promise to not fail my group and not only affect my grade but their grades, and I will give the best of my capabilities. Thank you, Jocelyn Inzunza.



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