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How Do I See My Interaction in the Social World

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Essay Preview: How Do I See My Interaction in the Social World

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How Do I See My Interaction In the Social World? 1

How Do I See my Interaction In the Social World?

How Do I See My Interaction In The Social World 2


We discussed the difference the Way ministry has made in the life of Debra Smith. We focused on the way she learned about the Way ministry and the new things she experienced dealing with the Way ministry. She tells the things that the Way ministry has supported her self-efficacy. She explains her stand with the Way ministry and the influences it has made on her life, as well as her future plans in the Way ministry.

How Do I See My Interaction In The Social World? 3

How Do I See My Interaction In The Social World

One of the Social Worlds in, which the writer interacts, is Church or Fellowship. Recently Debra moved to Georgia. It was in February 2007. She relocated from Ohio. She was tired of the cold and felt like she needed a change. She picked three different cities to move to. They were Georgia, Arkansas, and Florida. After picking these threes cities, she asked her daughter which city she would like to move to. Mind you, her daughter is only fourteen years old; she was thirteen at the time.

Well her daughter picked Georgia. They sold the majority of their things and what they didn’t sell; they loaded in the car and headed to Georgia. They had already contacted a roommate, whom they planned on staying with until they got established. They stayed with her for two months, and things started to go array. They knew then that they had to move. They got an apartment and moved out.

One day Debra was driving and noticed her back taillight was out. She went to Auto Zone, to purchase a new bulb. When she got out to the parking lot, she realized that she didn’t know out to install the bulb. At the time a man was walking out of Auto Zone. Debra stopped him and asked him if he knew how to change a taillight. He said yes, and he would be happy to help her. He went to his car and got the proper tools and changed the bulb.

He then invited her to Fellowship, the following Sunday, she figured that was the least she could do, since he didn’t charge her to change the bulb. Her daughter and her went to fellowship with this man. By the way his name is Dan. When they went to fellowship with Dan, it was like nothing they’ve experienced before. The people were so kind, loving and concerned. They treated them with love and made them feel very welcome. Debra decided, that they would join their fellowship.

How Do I See My Interaction In The Social World? 4

They continue to go and each week, there was something more special to discover. This fellowship has made a significant change in their lives but it wasn’t enough of a change to keep them in Georgia. When they would go to fellowship, they would sing several songs, without music. We would all harmonize. It was wonderful.

Several people would then speak in tongues and interpret what they spoke. After that several people would prophesied. This was all strange and new to them, especially to Debra’s daughter. Debra had heard these manifestations before.

After several Fellowships they wanted them to participate in a class. It was called the Foundational class. The class taught you all the things you were expected to do as a child of God. Also during the class, all the students were taken in a room, where they were encouraged to speak in tongues. This was quite different for Debra. She was instructed to speak in tongues growing up, but it was totally different from the Way ministry. Growing up, to speak in tongues you had to tarry. At this class you was taken in this room and was told to start speaking in tongues.

Everyone in my class did it, except one man. He said he didn’t feel comfortable speaking in tongues. They didn’t pressure him, they just told him to practice at home, and he would be able to do it.

They also were taught about tithing, and all about the death of Jesus, how he rose again, and the role he plays in their lives today. Once the classed were over, you were expected to go to fellowship twice a week. They conducted it on Sunday's and on Wednesday. They also contacted you at least once a week, to make sure you were all right, and you didn’t have any needs.

How Do I See My Interaction In the Social World? 5

Debra hasn’t been to fellowship, in about three weeks. The first week, she was working on the Sunday, and on the Wednesday, her daughter just didn’t want to go. She was okay with that because



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