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How America Should Take Action Against Isis

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Essay Preview: How America Should Take Action Against Isis

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How America Should Take Action Against ISIS

Terrorism is the act of using violence and intimidation to create fear. ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has been on their trail of terror for many years now. “However, recently ISIS has grown from a small group to one of the most well-known, and extreme terrorist groups.” ISIS has popped up in the media numerous times due to deadly terrorist attacks. America and our allies have lost too many lives to this extreme terrorist group. “ISIS also terrorizes large parts of Syria and Iraq, and it has become the largest U.S. (The United States) military operation in Iraq in years! This group has dominated headlines all over the world.” (

The only way for America to defeat terrorists is for them to fear us. America must be the leader in the war against ISIS if we ever want their acts of terror to end. “So far, U.S. actions have not stopped ISIS from expanding their control into Iraq and Northern Syria.” ( If our country is serious about defeating ISIS, then President Obama first needs to neutralize the group. “We can neutralize ISIS by taking away their ability to control territory.” ( We need to reduce ISIS down to a small group with no resources and limited reach. To guarantee that America defeats ISIS, our president needs to send more troops and resources to ISIS territory, to defeat them.” We need to strengthen and grow our military, in order to take serious action. “President Obama also needs to do a better job of: building our military, and intensifying airstrikes.” ( In order for President Obama to prove to us that he is actually serious about eliminating ISIS he must do these things.

The most important thing that the United States can do to defeat ISIS is to increase the size of the U.S. Military. “Our current U.S. force --including the recent addition of 1,500 more troops-- has a total of 2,900 troops. Estimates show that a necessary troop size ranges from around 10,000-25,000 personnel.” ( “The total number should include Special Force Teams and forward air controllers to partner with the local forces. The U.S. force does in fact dominate the number of fighters in the ranks of the Islamic State in Iraq, but we can still never be positive.” ( Since ISIS occupies so much territory, it is hard to



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