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Horror Movies Are a Waste of Time

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Essay Preview: Horror Movies Are a Waste of Time

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Horror movies are a waste of time

When I walk into a movie theater and I hear the scary climatic music, coming from inside of one of the theaters. I see people running out of the theater that cannot handle the gore with their eyes shut tight. To think that they just paid eight dollars to have an unpleasant two hours watching only a fraction of the horror movie. They probably watched about 50 cents if you divided the money into the time the movie runs. It sure doesn't sound enjoyable or worth the money to me.

Being terrified is not my first choice on a Friday night .To me the obsession with going to horror movies is a silly waste of time. I'm not one to become overly dramatic about watching bloody killing sprees in movies. It's just not enjoyable to me to watch the gore and blood that horror movies provide to the viewers. To those gore seeking movie goers out there i don't quite understand your intense craving for guts and blood. And why horror films seem to satisfy the craving for guts and blood. I guess I just don't quite get what positive benefits horror films provide to the viewers.

It's a fad that is blowing through the American movie scene. The teenagers crave the Adeline rush that horror movie provide them. This fad is beneficial to production of these movies because they can make more money by not having to pay the big name actor/actress. There also is not a ton of scenery that needs to be build because most horror movies, center on an eerie house or a central location. The movie usually takes place during the night so details are not needed as much in the scenery. There is no need for an Oscar winning actress to be the star in the film because the horror is already drawing the fans. It isn't necessary to waste the money with a famous actor. Movie makers make the same amount if not more money with a new face on the screen. With the cost of producing a horror film being so cheap, it becomes so easy to make a horror movie and walk away with more money than a classic movie with award winning actress/actor. Horror movies seem to be taking Hollywood by storm.

The few horror films I have watching in my lifetime all have the same central plot. There is a helpless group of people that all end of dying by the end of the movie .In the beginning the blonde girl always wanders off by her self into a dark room and it taken hostage for collateral. The cute guy always seems to come to her rescue. Sometimes he is also taken hostage and other times they both escape from the villain. I have watched so many better movies that horror movies. Where the main idea of the film is not gory death and brainless characters. I do not have the urge for an adrenaline rush from scary films. I can watch a scary film and after not become paranoid and scared, I know its all fake. To me, I do not enjoy watching the same type of movies repeated over and over with just a new title and a different location where the killing sprees occur.

I don't get the same



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