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Hitch Hickers Guide to the Galaxy-Comparison

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Essay Preview: Hitch Hickers Guide to the Galaxy-Comparison

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Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy

God, what a terrible ... We all have experienced the feeling of being dazed

to connect with. - p. 6 and confused just as described in this paragraph.

Frequently when I wake up in the morning (especially if it's early, or in a strange place) I am dazed and unable to figure out where I am or what I'm doing.

As he skipped... Occasionally we get the wonderful feeling that improve his ski-boxing. somehow everything will just turn out.

P. 38 Unfortunately I get this feeling too much, thus causing me to procrastinate and not do work because I have the feeling it will turn out (it doesn't always happen).

You mean...going on. One of the most frustrating feelings in life is

P. 82 knowing what something is but not being able to name it or "put your finger on it" Ford and the author are talking about how spooky and odd the situation is and Ford tries to make a comparison but can't think of the exact word (instead he attempts to explain it).

Ford leaped... on coming At one of the climaxes during this book Ford must Missiles. P. 128 take over the controls and guide the ship to safety from the oncoming missiles with out knowing how to fly the ship. The worst experience I have had like this is last year I had been absent for three consecutive days, when I came back to school I had to take a Geometry test on material I had no idea how to solve or read.

Then a tiny...what had Experience and common sense tell us to take cover happened. P.158 or get ready for something bad when ever we get the foreboding feeling. This is the exact feeling that the characters experience in this passage. We may experience this feeling a lot at school, for example if we forget our homework that's due next class.

He experienced... Being frightened is a part of life just as surprise is touching it. P. 178 and in some cases both present them selves at the same time. Just as what happened in this passage, Arthur flying through the air at the glass but is pleasantly surprised when he goes right through it painlessly, we sometimes are pleasantly surprised at the unexpected outcome. Last year during my last final



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