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Hip Hop

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Have you ever heard someone say, "I hate all music."? Lately though music has been criticized for corrupting teen's minds. Hip Hop is being blamed for all the crimes and murders in cities all over America and heavy metal is being blamed for giving teens only dark images and thoughts in their minds.

First we must ask what Hip Hop is to us or to others, who simply don't know or may never feel our movement in society. This form of poetry and story telling has took growth from within a deprived New York neighborhood during 1970s is spread worldwide, even non-english speaking countries strive on our message to help their culture the light. Hip Hop has taken my generation in open arms and speaks the truth to those, who listen. We are more motive and attentive , better focus I believe then any generation before us.

In the United States we take pride in ourselves as being the freest nation in the world. Unfortunately, there are times in our history in which certain groups have been unrightfully deprived of their freedom. This can be said for Americans who endured years of ignorant and another century of unawareness. Is which I think started the late 1970s signaled a new era of rhythmic and linguistic wealth: rap music. Hip hop and in particular rap music gives people on the margins of society a powerful voice to express political discontent. While political discontent is expressed through all the elements of hip hop, rap music has become the most powerful, creating a link between location, age, religion, and race.

Societies want to quite us and conform to their way of life, but the culture I represent teach us to voice our opinion and speak our mind. Whether it is to force a change or to create something new deviance is at a strong high. At the dawn of a new millennium some of society feel the need to express themselves better then the regular norms and "leave our mark" on the world. As they say the young ones has more to teach then there is to learn. If this is so then why is that no one listens to us, but instead they condemn us saying we are nothing but trouble. The challenges that we are given to don't meet our satisfaction, and this is why we are stubborn because no one listens to words instead society tries to fix our vision by drowning our thoughts. Society is often perceived as a rich and fashionable social class depending on how you want to see it, but to us its just normal people with enough to buy themselves a mask to hide away from conformity, why hide yourselves, when the hip hop culture teachers you to be out spoken and strong within yourselves.

The phenomenon of hip hop has spawned a new way of dressing, acting and speaking adopted by young people, especially males. Hip hop - and its music and speech patterns known as hip hop or rap or gangsta rap - has moved out of the ghettos and into suburban middle-class neighborhoods, especially among the young adult of all races in those neighborhoods. Finally, how hip hop/rap/gangsta came to be and what it owes to previous what is real life. What emerges is a constantly changing of the vast growth of this music and culture,



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