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Hindu Creation Myth/earth's Age According to Evolution

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Essay Preview: Hindu Creation Myth/earth's Age According to Evolution

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Hindu Creation Myth/Earth's Age According To Evolution

The Hindu creation myth that I found goes like this. As Brahma meditated beings were born from his mind. He thought about a body made of darkness and out of his rectum came a wind were the demons were born. Then Brahma discarded the body of darkness and the body became night. He then thought of a new body that was made mostly of goodness and light. Out of his mouth now came the shining gods or devas. He then brought out of his body something else that has now become day. Still today it's during the daytime that people visit the temples and worship the gods. He took a third body that was all goodness. Brahma happened to be thinking beautiful thoughts of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and then the ancestor spirits were born. These spirits appear in the dusk and the dawn, where day and night met. Brahma then bought out of his third body and brought a fourth something that was made of the energy that emitted from his mind. With these thoughts human beings the thinking creatures, were created. Then he made this body and it became the moon. To this day human beings love the moonlight for dancing, singing, and making love. Brahma now had a strange thought that he though was a fifth body made of both energy and darkness which caused him to emit horrible creatures that wanted to devour the primordial sea of chaos those were the ogres. Brahma was really disturbed by his last creation that all the hairs on his head fell out. Those hairs became all the creatures that crawl around on the ground the snakes and other reptiles. They remember their origins by hiding in swamps, brush piles, under rocks, and other dark places. Brahma was still troubled about creating the ogres and, thinking dark thoughts, he created the horrible Gandharvas, or ghouls. By this time Brahma had again got back his power and began thinking pleasant thoughts. His mind went back to the peaceful and happy time of his youth. In this state of happiness, the birds were created. Now from the body of Brahma much more came mammals, plants, and other forms of life. The qualities that all living things have today are the products of what Brahma's thoughts were when they were born and these features remain alive as long as the world lasts. From the site that I visited that's how the creation myth of Hindu started. No one really knows for sure exactly how old Hinduism has been around.



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