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Creation Myth - Why Is My Birthday July 14th?

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Essay Preview: Creation Myth - Why Is My Birthday July 14th?

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Do you really think earth is the only planet for humans to live? Well, today I am going to tell you a story that will definitely amaze you.

Long long time ago, the eight planets were all bounded together, they created a perfect world, an utopia. The citizens were really happy at that time, they did not have any problems to worry for. They all knew that their life wouldn’t be that happy if they open a taboo box, the Pandora box. It was hidden in the forest, no one had ever seen it before, never discussed about it, not even mentioned about it. There was some saying that someone was looking after that box, but no one could ever prove it. Everything then changed after the birth of a little girl.

The little girl’s mother has the infertility problem so she prayed for a child to the God every night. Finally, God heard her words and gave her a gift, a baby girl was born from a stone. She was different from the other kids, she is really smart, even smarter than adults. But the problem is her mind is full of questions, her curiosity drove her into any kinds of troubles all the time. One day, she was on her little adventure, she walked into the forest and try to find something interesting, suddenly, there was a huge sound, and the earth started to shake dramatically. She was terrified, because she was alone in the forest and the sky started to turn dark, she screamed for help but no one was there for her. Slowly, she heard footsteps coming out from far far away, and a man walked out from a beam of light. It was a man that she had never seen in the village, he was wearing a black cloak that covered his whole body, the little girl wanted to escape but she couldn’t, her feet was stuck in the ground, she cried loudly but it was useless. The man walked toward her, and said, ” Oh my dear, what brings you here?” The little girl replied with a shivered voice, “I was walking in the forest just for fun, I was not meant to interrupt you.” The man then said, “Oh please do not worry, I’m not here to hurt you. In fact, I have a little gift for you.” He handed out a little box, then he kept saying, “This is a box full of mystery, you’ll find out how it is after you open it, want to give a try?” The little girl wasn’t that afraid anymore, she thought maybe this man isn’t a bad guy, the man slowly took her guard off. Because of her curiosity, she opened the box without knowing what was inside, she didn’t



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