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Hero Movie Reflection

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Hero is a movie about three assassins; Nameless, Snow and Broken Sword. Hero and Snow are hell bent over ending the life of the tyrant, King Qin; They are blinded by their seething rage and anger. Only Broken Sword understands King Qin and his ideas for the future of China. An idea for a peaceful future that is united in both language and territory.

A hero is usually defined as someone who is idolized for their achievements, bravery and virtuous actions. The beginning of the movie portrayed Nameless as the hero for the Qin people. However, the beginning was misleading. This protagonist fought, lied and let his anger get the best of him. These are not actions usually associated with a hero. Heroes are not usually motivated by anger and hatred simmering in their souls, nor do they lie so much, these are common traits of a villain.

I believe that Broken Sword is the real Hero in this movie. As much as he wanted to hate and kill the Qin King, he couldn't. Even though the target of his undying affection/love, Snow desperately wanted the king dead. When Broken Sword had the king at his mercy, he looked down his blade and into the King's eyes. Instead of decapitating the King's head, Broken Sword understood the King, a man he hardly knew. Broken Sword realized that even though King Qin was a tyrant, he meant well for his people. The King wanted to unite China so there would be peace and an understanding between people. Despite how much he loved Snow, Broken Sword made a brave and compassionate decision and spared the King. The difficult choice, one a hero would have to make. Sadly, the consequence of Broken Sword's actions was losing the affection of Snow. However Broken Sword knew that he couldn't kill the King, for the greater good of China. He understood the king, but he also understood Snow and acknowledged that Nameless was suffering. He wisely stated that "one person's suffering is nothing compared to the suffering of all". Broken Sword looked beyond selfish reasoning and anger, and looked to better the welfare of the people; Nameless did not look towards the common good, rather he let his seething rage controlled him. Broken Sword stood up for what he believed and bravely told Nameless that as long as he was alive, he wouldn't allow Nameless to assassinate the King. Heroes stand up for what is right and look to better the lives of the people. Real heroes are not solely motivated



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