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Her Life in one Hour

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Her Life in One Hour

Kate Chopin's, "Story of an Hour," tells of a woman named Louise Mallard who discovers some horrible news. She has just found out her husband died in a train wreck. As the story continues she rethinks all of her life, and the pros and cons of being married, and whether or not she will be happy again. Mrs. Mallard's husband used to hold her back from a lot. With freedom in sight she will begin her life anew and try to bring herself to the independence she never had.

In the beginning Mrs. Mallard is told, by, her sister Josephine, and her husbands friend Richard, gently because she has heart disease. Initially she cries of her husband, Brently Mallard's, death. Then she goes into her room upstairs so she is alone. As she sits Josephine yells for her to unlock the door and not worry herself to death. Mrs. Mallard will not going to come out of the room until she has thought about all the things that will change.

Mrs. Mallard sits in her comfortable chair and looks out the window. She can see the tree tops which hold new spring life, not unlike herself. The sky is partly cloudy, symbolizing happiness and sadness at the same time. She can also hear a man singing on the street causing her to lift her spirits. These things bring her to realize no one would live her life for her, she would, from now on, live for her self.



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