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Tale of two cities quotes

1."What o'clock do you make it, Joe?"

What time is it joe?

2."Ten minutes, good, past eleven."

Ten minutes after eleven.

3."You know that you are recalled to life?"

You know your lucky to be alive.

4."Indeed, sir!"

True sir.

5."It is so, Jacques,"

Its true.

6."You have a visitor, you see,"

Someone here to see you.

7."You're at it agin, are you?"

Your doing it again?

8."What's coming on?"

What's next?

9."I certainly have seen that."

I've heard this before.

10.Shall we go home, my father?"

Shoud we go home now?

11."Give me the worst first."

Give me worst news first.

12."Nothing to boast of," said Miss Pross.

Thats nothing to be pround of.

13."Of what trade?"

Of what land?

14."I passed you on the road."

" I saw on the road.

15."On the contrary; I come direct."

right: I come from london.

16."Shall I go on, sir?"

Should I keep going?

17."I'll think of it."

I'll think about it.

18."How do you do?"

How are you?

19."Oh dear me!"

Oh my gosh!

20."Then why not change it?"

What don't you do something about it

21."I warn't doing no har."

I don't want to hurt anyone.

22."Good day, gentlemen!"

Goodbye people !

23."Marvellous cognac this, madame!"

Great knitting.

24."You are happy, my dear father?"

Are you happy, my father?

25."Not at all."

Not at all.

26."Be explicit."

Tell it all.

27."I forgot it long ago."




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