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Patient or pretender

*factitious patient’s interaction with caregivers.

*severe manifestation, munchausen syndrome(pg.7)

*only to be able once again to entre a supportive hospital environment.

*for patients with munchausen syndrome, they need for room and board, as well as burning psychological needs, can motivatice behavior.

*she was not diagonosed as having nunchausen syndrome because hers was a single deception, and feigned illness was not al there was to her life.

*munchausen patients, suffered from additional mental disorders including borderline personality disorder. Which is characterized by unstable and intense relationships, conflicts with identity,feelings of abandonment and loss, mood swings, and self destructive and manipulative behaviour (16)

* “real attention grabber”

Extreme variants of factitious disorders pg.22

Munchusen syndrome

Chronic factitious disorder in which feigning illness becomes the focus of the person’s life; it is carried out until discovered then begun anew elseshwhere; characterized by itinerant behaviour Munchausen by proxy

Faking or inducing illness in one’s children to elicit sympathy and nurturance as the parents of a “poor sick child”.

Munchausen by adult proxy

Like its namesake, but illness is induced in other adults so that the apparent “caretaker” receives sympathy and support.

*munchausen syndrome is distinguished by the patient’s fantastic yet plausible description of his or her history, the deliberate use of self induced symptoms to gain hospitalization, and peregrination, or wandering from place to place.(24)

*the munchausens make the simulation of disease the centre of their lives;they are usually suffering from some concurrent mental disorder such as borderline personality.

They have poor joc histires and are almost always drifters; and they are relentlessly self-destructive, encouraging and submitting to countless unnecessary



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