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Hedda Gabler Played by Rebecca Chanelle Holoptier

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Essay Preview: Hedda Gabler Played by Rebecca Chanelle Holoptier

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Hedda Gabler, played by Rebecca Chanelle Holoptier, marries a history scholar by the name of George Tesman, played by Stephen Cross. Hedda and George are getting back from a six-month honeymoon. During their six-month honeymoon, George seems to spin the majority of his time in libraries and doing research for his book, which does not make Hedda very happy because she is not getting the attention that she wants. Thea Elvsted, played by Maggie Lehman, an old classmate of Hedda's comes to visit her and tell her that George's old academic rival, Eilert Lovborg who was played by T.J. Pederson, is back in town and also Judge Brack, played by Nathan Shelton, tells them that he has written a highly respectable book. In the past, Lovborg had been an alcoholic and a failure, but now that he is reformed he takes his work very seriously. Now that Lovborg is a success he may be poised to take the position at the university that George is counting on getting himself. Later, Lovborg is offered a drink. He refuses and Hedda, jealous over the influence that Thea Elvsted has on Lovborg, tempts him into taking a drink. He then goes to a party where he loses his manuscript. When George Tesman returns home with Lovborg's manuscript, Hedda burns it because she is jealous of it. Later, Lovborg comes to her and confesses how he has failed in his life. Hedda talks him into committing suicide by shooting himself with one of her father's guns. Lovborg does commit suicide later but it is through a wound in the stomach. George then begins to reconstruct Lovborg's manuscript with the help of notes provided by Thea Elvsted. Suddenly, Hedda leaves the room, takes her pistols, and commits suicide.

Hedda Gabler has a linear plot structure. The exposition of this play is probably when the entire play until they meet Eilert Lovborg which is the inciting incident. In the rise of involves Lovborg getting drunk and losing his manuscript. Then George finds his manuscript and brings it home. When George leaves the house Hedda burned the manuscript and connivances Lovborg to commit suicide. The Climax is probably when Lovborg shoots himself in the stomach. Which lead George and Mrs. Elvsted try to piece together the manuscript and as this is happening Hedda decides to put her life to an end and ending the play.

Throughout the play several character change in one-way or the other. Some of these changes are more prevalent than others. One of the big changes in the play is Eilert Lovborg. He had to make a big change to get to where he was at the beginning of the play but then he losses everything again when he drifts back to his days in a alcoholic haze. To me he is the antagonist to Hedda, which in turn is the protagonist. Hedda is a very bitter woman who wants everything to go her way. She goes through several changes she eventually, in her own way, tells George that she love him and she make the ultimate change by taking her life. George's change comes about more, as becoming more of a man and realizing there are other people in his life. The others may have changed but their change was not a main point of the play.

One of the actors that I really enjoyed was T.J. Pederson who played



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