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Heavier Then Heaven

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Kurt Cobain was from a small town in Washington called Aberdeen. He was born on February 20, 1967. Kurt had a good life up until he turned 5 years old. His parents fought a lot and finally got divorced. He lived with his mom at the begging of this new life style for Kurt, but then later moved in with his dad. His dad and Kurt lived in a trailer on the far side of town. Kurt did not change schools so he kept all the same friends, this was a good thing for Kurt because he was a real shy person and had a hard time making friends. Kurt's parent's names were Don and Wendy Cobain. Kurt's mother remarried and it only lasted about a year or two. One time before Kurt's parents got divorced Kurt's mother tried to kill him with his own guns, but Kurt instructed his little sister Kim to go dump the guns in a near by river. Two days later he instructed his sister to take him to the exact spot where she had dumped the guns. He fished them out and then brought them to the local pawnshop and traded them for his first guitar. Kurt had a lot of different homes sometimes he would have one and sometimes none. He would mostly move in with relatives or close friends. His favorite person he had lived with would most likely be his uncle. His uncle was in a rock band and he taught him guitar and took him to his shows. That is why he loved rock music so much because his uncle inspired him and had him take guitar lessons every spare minute he had. Although Kurt loved living with his uncle so much he had to leave once again because they were expecting a new baby and they did not have enough room in there little 2 bedroom house. Kurt moved on and slept under bridges most of the time, in apartments and building hallways. He would unscrew the light bulb and then wake up really early put it back in and then leave. Kurt started his own bands, but most of the time he would kick them out after a few days. Except for his best friend Krist, he was in his band from the time it started till the time he had died. Kurt had jobs here and there, he was a janitor at the high school he had dropped out of for a few months then quit. He also started a carpet cleaning business with Kirst. They didn't make any money; in fact they spent more then they made mostly for making flyers. Kurt had a great art talent. He was very artistic and many people were impressed by his work. He was offered a scholarship to an art school but declined their offer. Kurt's band Nirvana was named from practicing the Buddhist religion. He was hitting it real big you could say. They went to Europe constantly



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