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Health Care

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Health care around the world has improved dramatically since the 1950s; however health care still remains costly and requires many political, cultural, and economic conditions. Although the health care system varies around the world, it still plays a major problem across the global, because there are still billions of people being affected everyday by this issue. My research paper will discuss this issue and well develop arguments on the subject matter. If health care policy makers around the world would care more about the people and less about the economics, it would make this world a healthier place. Many countries had tried getting universal health care, but wasn't very successful, due to limitation of resources and economic problems. One of the main reasons why the health care is a major issue around the world is because many people are living in poverty. According to Shah Article on "Causes of Poverty", there's over 3 billion people living in poverty around the world, and more than half of them are children. In some countries the health system provides good quality health care if it's affordable to you. Which means if you're not born into a rich family or is not working you would most likely not be receiving any health treatment. I believe this to be a big issue, because what this health system is saying is that money is more important than the lives of millions without either or. Even if you are working some jobs doesn't even provide health benefits. So you can be working under someone and possibly get injured on the job, and the job would not be reliable for the incident. I can disagree more with this, because there have been cases to were people was fired from this situation.



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