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Health Care in America

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Essay Preview: Health Care in America

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America is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Unfortunately, healthcare is not available to everyone. The government spends millions of dollars helping other countries but has forgotten to help their own first. While the movers and shakers in Washington are fighting for issues such as gay marriage, elderly people are refusing to take medications regularly because it is too expensive. Others are using the emergency room as a source of care. For the Americans who are opulent, health care is not an issue. As for the poor, some may have free care but it is only available to those who have children or if they are under the age of 21. The middle class has the hardest time finding affordable health care in America mainly because free care is not available to them and the price of insurance is too high.

Health care should be one of the top priorities in America today. There are people in the US who are sick but cannot afford to be treated. From my own experience working in a pharmacy, I have met many customers who have told me that they had to choose between food and medication. Everyone should be entitled to have healthcare, not just the wealthy. Those who do have health care do not find this a huge issue because they are apathetic towards others; if it does not concern them, then it is not an issue. Government policies and Americans own their self interests and are the reasons that it is not considered such a large concern.

The people who do find this to be a problem are the people who cannot afford to pay medical bills and prescription prices. As I said before, the middle class is considered to be too rich for free care but too poor to pay for the high premiums of insurance. If a person is suffering from a terminal illness it is all the more difficult to pay for the expenses because some insurance companies do not pay for treatments, therefore the patients are stuck with a large bill. A price tag should not label a person's life.

A majority of people do not find it to be an issue because they are ignorant to the problem. The government gives a depiction of the health care as a great system. It is portrayed as if a person cannot afford health care that free care is always available to them which is not the case. If the affluent people of America had even a glimpse of how it feels to be unable to treat a pain or illness they would be more likely to pressure the government to solve this



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