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Health Care Communication Methods - Communications Coordinator

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Essay Preview: Health Care Communication Methods - Communications Coordinator

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While working for a national known drug manufacturer as a communications coordinator, I have first hand saw how a negative remark can do major damage to the reputation of the drug company and make people and investors afraid to do business with us. We as a whole company need to come together as one to brainstorm ways to clear the the reputation of our company caused by the negative effects that our plaguing one the leading medications we manufacture. We need to ensure the public that our medications are safe to be used. The local hometown news has already started causing damage to our reputation by reporting a local hometown hero had some ill effects from one our medications ad has suffered a great deal. So everyone at the company needs to think of ways to ensure the public along with out investors that our medications are safe and cause no effects or problems to the public. We need to make sure everyone knows we are still are trustworthy company to put your trust in and be able to invest in without losing anything and we will weather this negative news and come out on top by showing our medications are safe and reliable to use and will be cause harm to you or one of your love ones. We will need to have a meeting with all the people involved with the manufacturing of this medications on Friday to come up with ways to ensure the communications we do will be helpful with resolving the dilemma that the company is now faced with due to the negative effects about our medications. We need to make sure at the meeting we are following all the guidelines that are in place with the HIPPA act so we do not violated in laws or regulations set by the FDA.

At Friday's meeting, we need t o talk about about the different advantages along with the disadvantages of putting all the forms of media to work for our company. First of all we need to know that traditional media consist of the four following outlets, newspapers, radio, television, and magazines. One of the advantages of using using these outlets is we are able to reach a big group of people at once to show them we are doing everything possible to show the negative remarks about our product are false and our product is safe for public usage with no negative effect like being reported. By using both newspapers and magazines, we can tell our side or the story that ca be backed up with facts while ensuring readers our product is safe to continue use as along as use follow the correct dosage and usage set by your doctor and our company. The other two traditional outlets of radio and television can be used to reach out to people at both local and national levels. These two methods are both cost effective and can show the public we are human with feelings and emotions and there are at the top of concerns. We can ensure them we have their best interest and their health and well-being at the top of our list of concerns and values. These outlets lets us keep the public informed that our medications are safe ad can continue to be used in their daily life without any ill effects or recuperation. These outlet lets us keep the public informed their health and well-being is more important then anything else to us and we will continue to strive for them and their love ones. We also know by using these outlet we will have a permanent record of our communication efforts to keep the public informed. Like with anything else these outlet comes with some disadvantages also. One of the major disadvantages of traditional media is it can be limited to the number of people it can reach but also the number or listeners and readers is a lot less then those reached by using the more famous outlet out there now days like electronic and social media outlet sites. These media outlets reach daily millions of millions of people that are now a part of the computer age. By using traditional media over the electronic and social media sites , we can not see the immediate results of our efforts to ensure the public of the safety of our medications like with these site where



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