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Having Kids

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I've never been fond of children, no matter how cute they are. I'm not a child hater, mind you. I've just never found a mutual link with kids. And I'm sure they probably feel the same way *hehe*.

You often hear how some women coo over kids. Or maybe you have conversations with your girlfriends and each of you exchange stories about how many kids you want later in life. Or the sight of a mother and child ignites the passion of motherhood within you and you say "Oh, I want to have kids when I get married!"

That thought has never crossed my mind either.To me, having children is just an option, not a necessity. If you want a football team, go ahead and make away. If you don't, hey... the uterus is yours anyway. You decide what you want to

do with it. Kids or not kids, life still goes on.

Some people may call me selfish. Some people may say I'm just going through a phase. "When the time comes, you know you'll want to

have kids" they tell me. "Have kids now when you're still young, or you'll regret it" Regret? Regret what? That you bore a healthy child at the age of 40?

"When you grow old, who's going to look after you?"

Hey, you shouldn't have kids just because you want someone to look after you. What makes you think that your kids would even want to

look after you when you hit 60? There's no guarantee they won't throw you in some old folks home you know. No one can predict the future.

No, I'm not ready at all. Emotionally, mentally, financially, physically. I'm not prepared to shoulder such a major change right now. At this moment, I'm sticking to keeping pets.



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