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Have Spine Will Travel

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Did you ever feel as though you have been duped into attending a concertÐ'... of kazoo players all badly in need of practiceÐ'... and new kazoos? That's exactly how I feel when someone gives me luke warm excuses, like fear of others, for not giving his/her opinions. Do you have even one ounce of conviction in you? Do you have the ability to communicate that conviction clearly to others and to stand by it? If you can, then I give you some small praise. We, as thinking people, must speak up for ourselves. In fact I recall an old saying that says "the squeaky hinge gets the oil." The implication is that if one will simply assert and reassert ones desires one will eventually, inevitably, be served to their satisfaction. It has merit. If you want something, you have to ask for it.

I think conversely then, that I must be the type person that pushes people "verbally" and if they push back, I like it. I would hate to think that we should ever favor the sound of a fight but hearing others' likes verbalized and ideas shared is so sweet a sound. At times when I might question and hear that others have conviction, views, or interest at all, it is like a parade to me. When open to the experience we can advance ourselves and grow. When sharing views and speaking against the feelings of others, the opposition can sometimes share ideas you hadn't considered.

I feel deeply frustrated with those of a nonchalant approach to making choices. My problem lies with people with a decision process that does not only contain the choices of "yes" and "no" but, "I don't care" or "what ever." I seriously dislike when I care enough to ask someone, do you want this or that, and to my dismay they will answer "if you want." This to me is very troubling to see others that I speak with see some of life's deeper decisions as though they bear all the consequence of changing the TV channel. That deeply troubles me. I cannot remember being so deeply soured by another as when I realized their depth was like a puddle and here I am at least an attempted simulation of a pond.

Some men, for instance, would rather not fully know everything about their woman, leaving that mystery still remaining for them. I think it is because it means they are not a paper cut out of a being. They are a real person having their own convictions and decisions. Likes



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