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Harry Pooter

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Then I also came to the realization that even though I’d forgiven the girl, I still had to ask for forgiveness from the friend I had abandoned and to be honest, it’s a lot easier said than done because you have to accept that you’ve done something wrong and you’re afraid you won’t be forgiven. But it’s essential because once you’re forgiven, there’s no longer anything separating you and God, and you can follow Him full heartedly. So I talked to her after that weekend and we worked things out and to this day, she’s still my best friend. I’m so so blessed to have her in my life. So now, I want you to turn to your peers. If you’ve hurt anyone or have been hurt by someone. Forgive and be forgiven. Take this time to hug it out. This can be a fresh start, whether it be with God, a family member, or friend. These thoughts controlled my life. I wasn’t funny enough. My hair wasn’t pretty enough. My grades weren’t high enough and my weight wasn’t low enough. I was NEVER ENOUGH. I wasn’t just angry with these girls for making me feel this way, but I was FURIOUS with God. I had stopped praying long ago because I was mad at God for allowing me to go through all of this suffering. , I made myself believe it. I actually still had a really good friend but being surrounded by all of this negativity I basically did the same thing to her by ignoring her. I focused on all of the bad.



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