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Hardships of Teaching

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As society gradually moves from being an absolutist to becoming an unethical society, a lot of respect and morality is getting lost. This change in behaviour and attitude is most noticeable by teachers of all levels. With students turning from disciplined to undisciplined as the generations go by, teaches are finding their jobs more of a "militant job".

Even as a student, looking at the current grade 7 and 8 students, such differences are extremely noticeable. The students (of grades 7 and 8) come into the classes with the sole purpose of talking and wrecking havoc; others however are quiet or come to class with their problems, or to daydream. A teacher apart from having to teach has to deal with these different types of students. If you go to help one student, someone else starts to create noise to disturb the class. Thus teachers have to constantly run around to keep the class under control.

Secondly, not all students are the same in terms of mentality and emotionally. A teacher cannot use the same style of teaching for the whole class; they have to constantly change their strategies so that all students can understand. Furthermore, teachers have to apply new strategies for different classes, thus having to constantly think (or call on past experiences) in order to make everyone understand.

Applying different strategies is not the end of a teacher's "militant job". Every year teachers have to deal with students who need special attention, have learning disabilities, or attention disorder. These students have to be taught with individual care and attention so that they may understand. Such classes tend to be filled with loud and rowdy students. Therefore to explain anything to a particular student, teachers would have to quiet down the class first.

Also some students do not want to learn. They come to class because it is compulsory. They have the idea that they are the future "Michael Jordan' ", the future "Ronaldo", the next big footballer, or the future big actor. They spend all their class time daydreaming about themselves, forgetting that their idols all had to go through schools and get good marks to become successful. Teachers are (to some extent) faced with the difficult task of convincing these types of students to first focus on the task at hand, and then dream. There are also students who are not dedicated, or are spoiled/pampered. They decide



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