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Hamlet’s Death

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In this messed up world of ours why must people be confined to living with restrictions, cut all restrictions free and live, get out into the world and live, or if youre not into living then die, die and kill yourself, you'll be doing us all a favor. For that he must go and do that which he ahth said in these days those that dont shall be goeth to the deepest darkest tombs of the pig and feast for days and days for if ye do this and do this not do, then ye shall be the man with a plan in life.

With this tribute to Prince Hamlet we thank thee all for attending. Your attendance shows loyalty and respect. All ye shall be blessed for your loyalty.

Hamlet’s death comes to us too soon. 30 years was the age of the prince, and 30 years was not enough time. But within those 30 years hamlet had the chance of going to school and obtaining a higher means of education, an achievement that not many have in life. Along with school he was dedicated to the kingdom and the people.

With his dedication to the people of these lands Hamlet sought to protect you all, earning for a strong country he had to find the corruption within. Alas he did that and found the corruption that laid within the heart of the king and of Laertes. Hamlet took it upon himself to stop these two from unrightfully ruling these lands and paid for it with his life.

Hamlets always had good intentions, and he was smart and fast to his duties in life. Hamlet always amazed me in the way he could just get along with people he had just met, he was very charming and had a sense of humor while maintaining integrity.

Hamlet and I have always been friends, since childhood we’ve always gotten along and would do things together. Hamlet being the fine man he was always was talented in everything he did and despite this he was humble.

With his humbleness and smarts he impressed his love, Ophelia, and he loved her so very much. Despite some confusing that you may have she truly was the love of his life, and it is said that she had died before hearing this.



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