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Halloween Park

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On a sunny day in October, all of the children in school were waiting, impatiently for school to end. There was a rumor that a new park was opening that night on Halloween. Free admission was offered to everyone because it was opening night. The park seemed like a happy place with trees and nice people. Everyone in the city was going to be there, including the senior citizens. When everyone was inside the park, the manager called a meeting of everyone to the park center.

"Welcome," he said "to the Halloween's Night of Death Park. I want everyone to enjoy themselves so all rides are for free!"

When he was done speaking, the entire scenery changed behind him immediately. Everything became dark, spooky, and mysterious; the mechanics were all wearing frightening costumes that scared all of the children. When everyone had enough of the rides, they began to leave the park, but all of the exits were closed and the manager appeared at the top of the exit gate.

"We have one last surprise for you!" he said and a flash of red light came out of his hands and he disappeared.

The mechanics weren't wearing costumes at all, they were really hideous creatures and they were storming off in all directions.

Panic swept over the park, in minutes the creatures began chasing people. Two boys, Marcus and Ken began fighting the creatures. When one of the creatures broke apart, candy came out of the broken corpse and the bags said Happy Halloween. This is when they realized the creatures were just robots created by the park management. The boys became so mad because the creatures scared them that they began breaking benches and using them to fight off the robots. After everyone realized that it was all a joke, the manager reappeared and gave away the candy. He opened the gates and some people went home in humorous personalities and others madder than they ever had been.



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