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Guitars and Cadillacs

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Guitars and Cadillac's, located at 3881 Vine Street, provides a bar with a dance floor and music. They allow ages eighteen and up to enter the club, and have special college nights and for the majority of the days of the week, women get in free. Guitars and Cadillac's tend to focus more on country music and country dancing. Other clubs around the Abilene area have about the same goal but are much more pricy with less specials and different music. The clubs audience is focused mainly on college student and people who are aged in their twenty's. Since Abilene's average age is 26 years old it is a perfect spot for a bar and dance club.

The goals that Guitars should have is to have a different variety of music, not so much different style since it is a country dance club, but at least change the music so that their customers cannot predict the next song. They should also attempt to differentiate themselves from other dance clubs by providing a much cleaner environment. It would also be nice if they changed to plastic beer bottles, so that there aren't and broken bottles anywhere. Guitars and Cadillac's achieve its goals by providing a bar to the dance club since that is where they make most of their money off of drinks. They provide three things that promote their club to get people to come there, and that is alcohol, dancing, and women. This way they get a group of people that are looking to go out and have some drinks, a group of people that want to go and have fun dancing, and by letting women in the club for free they get more men to come to the club because that is where the women are, so naturally the guys follow. Also, by providing a college night and allowing people from 18 years old and up they get many college customers that are looking for a place to go at night. Guitars and Cadillac's fall short in some of their goals by not having a clean atmosphere since there are sometimes broken beer bottles on the floor and their dance floor is small and crowded.

The goals in which Guitars and Cadillac's ignore are that they do not have enough room for as many people that are in their club at once. Since it would be very expensive to remodel the club simply ignores it. What makes this club unique is that they provide a mainly country dancing club, whereas other clubs focus mostly on hip hop music. This club influences people's lives by providing entertainment and a break from their



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