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Greed to Love

Essay by   •  February 13, 2018  •  Creative Writing  •  466 Words (2 Pages)  •  1,262 Views

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                                     GREED TO LOVE

Instead of packing my baggage from the work of writing, I had decided to torcher you more with my amazing sense of writing and I was going in the same way today I thought I will write something about love, lust and break up as my title suggest and I started writing that crap about a terrible story of a stupid boy fallen one side love with the girl and an ignoring girl. Then I realise there is something missing and I found the background score. For me my imagination comes when I listen something which inspires me. Then I had gone to my wynk music app and I found valentine special, love special, couples night out blab la……..because this is a valentine week, So much irritating who were not in a relationship. Then I went to my playlist and randomly pick a song and played it and started writing after a few song one song came it was “Ae zindigi gale laga lee, Hum nee v tere haar ekk gaam ko gale see lagaya haii, hai naa..” and I was like…. I stopped myself from writing and started cheering up with the song then my whole concept of writing goes into vain. I delete my last story and started writing again but this time not for some intense love story, this time it’s about loving your zindigi, loving your life. You may feel like I am writing an article on contraption a sci-fi related illusion which does not belongs to your appetite but it may be related in your life as we started our life from hey janu, what you want, what you ate? By doing this, does you ever felt that your janu need a maid not you? She cannot lift her bag while going to home and who is her ward boy at that time? From a king now you become a poppet who has to do day and night duty and believe me you started enjoying it because that’s how a society works, a beautiful girlfriend and a macho boyfriend is the moral we got from our filmy dilemma by following this epic shit we forgot that there is also a life we left behind a life which we dream for, a life which we want when we see someone inspiring. It’s not time to stop. It’s time to start loving your passion, it’s time to create something great out of you. Because your greed will be permanent if you don’t die for, love your work, love your space and start dreaming because if you dream you can give an auspicious gift to this world. It’s time to turn your greed into love and start loving new things so that you will start enjoying your work and do it detrimentally.



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