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Greatest Nation

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In this journal I am going to disagree with Tom Brokaw in his assumption that the World War 2 veterans are the greatest generation of all time. He has a jaded view of them being as how he grew up with them being older and wiser than he was. There are many generations through out history that have gone to war and had to rebuild and try and live normal lives. Among these would be the great civilization of the Roman Empire, any time period among these men would make for a better Generation than the World War 2 veterans. The reasons I make this outlandish remark is because how can you say that a generation of fighting is a greater generation that holds the peace.

The reason is because the periods of peace are considered uneventful and they are not fighting for the so called good of the country, which the good of one country is the problems of another. There is always a gray line when it comes to war. Tom Brokaw is wrong in many areas, though we were fighting for freedom in our point of view for the people of Europe. We may have liberated them from the evils of Hitler, but we left them with a worse man named Stalin. Such a great nation left such a huge travesty, many hundreds of thousands of people died because we decided to ally with one of history's evilest men, if they were so great then why didn't they stop him as well and realize that he was also a Hitler in disguise. They also created one of the worst weapons of all times, one that is black with stained blood of countless thousands of people.

When the World War 2 generation created the Atomic bomb, they knew full good and well what they were creating, and to create something so terrible when you know its capability's and that it would be implemented for battle, just seems downright sinful, and we are still paying the price of there creation today, with the ever growing fear of a nuclear weapon being detonated in one of our vastly populated cities. In my own opinion there is no such thing as a great generation at all, they each have strong points and extremely weak points. In the times before World War 2, the men that fought in World War 1, these men also answered the call of duty, and went to fight for the freedom of another country, for people they didn't even know. They decided it was a worthy cause just as much as the World War 2 vets did as well, so how can we say that one group is better when one did just as much. True that more people died during World War 2



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