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Going to Tokyo

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Chan Ka Chun

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Please complete below questions and submit to Moodle on or before 22 February, 2019:

Exercise 2

  1. How many categories are listed in the Open Data Portal?

There are 11 categories

  1. How many datasets under Realtime Data category?

There are 27 datasets in the Realtime data category

  1. What formats are available for download?

There are 4 kinds of format : .csv , .kml , Shapefile and File Geodatabase

Exercise 3

  1. Whom else you can share your map with?

We have 2 choices: Share with Everyone(Public) and share with Esri China (HK) Ltd.

Exercise 4

  1. Name three widgets that can be added to the web app.

Direction  ,Analysis ,Chart

  1. How many Chart Types are available to display your result?

There are 4 kinds of charts: Columns chart , bar chart , Pie Chart and Line Chart

  1. Which district has the largest number of clinics and health centers? How many?

Kwun Tong District, there are 15 clinics and health centers

  1. Are people living near Tin Hau MTR station in the coverage of the 15-minutes walking time area?

No they are not

  1. What is the total travelling time?

12 minutes

  1. How many device models are predefined for preview?

There are 21 models are predefined for preview

  1. If your device is not included in the list, what can you do?

We can set the Width and Height with how many pixels will be used or share with QR Code to get the right resolution.

  1. What’s your short link to the web app?
    (Please make sure your web app has been shared to public, it will be examined and graded)



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