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I have set goals for this school year. Some are what I will never accomplish and then some are what I can accomplish. I hope setting these goals will make me a better person. Striving for my goals, I want to be accepted, have good grades, and eat healthy.

Sometimes I try so hard to fit in, but it does not work. All I want is for many people to like me, not hate me. It seems like everything I do or say is wrong. I it hurts inside to know that person do not like me or that person talked about me. I really wish people would find the time to get to know me instead of what they heard. Most days when I get home I cry knowing someone was saying mean things to my face. I try to be strong, but every time I do someone knocks me down. I don't understand why anyone would pick at someone just to be funny. I guess they do not know deep down inside it hurting the person greatly.

My Struggle every school year is maintaining good academic grades. I always have something else to do besides homework. I know I should get my priorities straight and I know I should change a lot of stuff. I play volleyball and I think that is what taking time away from my schoolwork. I am not stupid nor am I dumb. I guess I am just lazy. My two classes that I'm struggling in are English and Chemistry. I know I can do it, but I do not put the forth time in it. I hope Ms. Gutman and Mr. Redfern don't think I'm not smart because I am. I think I should study less for my Spanish class, since I have an A in there and study more for English and Chemistry. I hope I can have honor roll this year, so my parents and teachers can be proud.

I think I should eat healthier. The foods that I eat now are not good for me. It is also giving me some extra pounds in the hips. I want to start trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. I am going to stop eating a lot candy and drinking a lot of sodas. I am going to drink lots of water because it is good for you. I am going to try to eat a balance meal everyday. I will try my hardest to eat healthy this year and maintain it. I hope after this year my health will be good.

My three goals for this school year are my main priorities. All three goals play a big part in my life right now. I hope in the end I can say I accomplished all of my goals.



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