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Global Warming Effects on the Environment

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Global warming effects on the environment

 There are numerous issues that are affecting the environment, some worse than others. One of the most violent environmental issues I think everybody should know/learn about is global warming. Global warming is an increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Know that an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere doesn't sound like a big problem, but it is. Global can and is causing drastic changes in earth's weather, sea level, and more. Because of global warming summers are becoming hotter, rainfall is becoming heavier and causing more floods,  hurricanes are getting more powerful, tornado are getting even stronger, etc. Scientist studied levels of carbon dioxide before the human were here and while human are here and they discovered human are the main cause of global warming because of extreme amounts of pollution. The carbon dioxide levels have nearly doubled since humans came into existence.  There are thousands of big factories and millions of cars pumping more and more carbon dioxide into the air every day. In 2006, carbon dioxide levels were 375ppm, carbon has now increased to 400ppm  

An increase in carbon dioxide is not the only sign of global warming; the melting rate of arctic ice is another sign. These issues are far from resolved; we as human have to make some drastic changes for the sake of our planet and for the sake of mankind itself.  Global warming is an ongoing issue and he is going to take a long time to resolve. But scientists have come with a lot of great ideas to try to help. One of the ideas is planting more trees because of the high amounts carbon dioxide, planting more trees could help that number go down. Another idea that could help with global warming is to conserve more water many cities consumes vast amounts of energy cleaning and purifying water, which causes greenhouse gases to be discharged into the atmosphere.  Reducing the amount of waste we reproduce could also help out.  The decomposing waste produces methane, which is a greenhouse gas.  There are so many little things that each of us could do that would make a big difference and potentially stop global warming. From what I see scientists and engineers are making good progress they are building energy efficient cars, houses, facilities, etc. I was always told if you want something to change you have to put your mind into it and go out and change it.



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