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Global Strategy

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Practicing strong honest business ethics is one of the most important attributes for any business. These ethics become the heart and soul of a company’s culture. The quality of a business’ ethics can mean the difference between success and failure. Companies that display a commitment to ethical conduct usually out perform those that do not. A business that instills a deep-seated theme of business ethics will be evident among customers. The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) put together some findings that can be considered an important insight for any company; these are known as the 7 principles of business ethics (Moment, 2007).

1. Be Trustful. Recognize that customers want to do business with a company that they can trust.

2. Keep An Open Mind. The leader of an organization must be open to new ideas.

3. Meet Obligations. Do everything in your power to gain the trust of past customers and clients.

4. Have Clear Documents. Re-evaluate all print business documents and make sure they are clear and do not misrepresent the company.

5. Become Community Involved. Remain involved in community-related activities and issues.

6. Maintain Accounting Control. Take a hands-on approach to accounting and record-keeping.

7. Be Respectful. Treat others with the utmost respect.

There are a variety of ways to do business in a foreign market. The way we are proposing to move our shoes is through exporting. This is the most traditional form of operating in foreign markets. Exporting is the marketing of goods produced in one country into another country. Even though no direct manufacturing is required in the foreign market and marketing strategy is needed for distribution. One advantage of exporting is that the manufacturing is home-based which allows for less risk. Exporting allows a company to learn the ins and outs of foreign markets before they set up manufacturing in the foreign markets. The main disadvantage is that a company is left to the mercy of an overseas agent giving up a large percentage of the control of the movement in the foreign market (FAO, 2007). Exporting the shoes will be easier since they are small packages and normally light in weight. Shipping and handling should be at a minimum cost due to size and weight. They are not in abnormal size or shaped containers which should not allow for any scrutiny from customs or shipping agents.

When it comes to product description all information has to be clear and precise. What it does, how it works, available options, and requirements for use are some things that have to be specific in explanation without confusing the consumer. We are offering a soccer shoe that is custom fit to the consumer’s feet and demands. Once the consumer is measured and fitted for the shoe then they have to provide the necessary information needed to guarantee satisfaction with the product. Things needed to be known are such as how aggressive of a player they are. Do they play in amateur weekend tournaments? Are they on a professional level? Is it a summer elementary or boosters program? What is the age of the player, will he or she be coming into an age where they have growth spurts? These are just some of the things that need to be answered so that the right shoe can be made for the right player.

The main feature of the CAND-DAMS is that the shoe is custom fit. Any person can go to the store and buy a shoe that fells right. Having a custom fit guarantees that the shoes and your foot are working together to give you the best performance possible. The main drawback is that unless you are a local native to Indianapolis you are going to have to wait for the shoe to be shipped once it is manufactured. Depending on how far away the customer is it may be a matter of weeks before the shoe is received once it is ordered. The main opportunity for a shoe like this is the national recognition. Once players from all around start using the shoe and talking about it to other players, it can become a more popular piece of equipment for the most recognized of professional players. One threat that can be foreseen is that production issues could arise. Manufacturing equipment could have difficulties or break down all together. Then troubleshooting to appease the customer becomes necessary. Another threat could be that there is a problem with shipping. The shipping agent could lose or damage the product while it is enroute to the customer. There could be issues with the payment where the money is late or not received. Customers paying by check could have issues with checks not clearing or credit card payments not depositing into corporate accounts. The last threat that I can think of is the issue of mis-fits. The employee taking the order and making the fitting instructions could write a measurement or other instruction down wrong and then when the shoe arrives it does not fit. A troubleshooting action plan needs to be in effect to correct the problem immediately and get the customer their shoes as quickly as possible.

As for organizational and HR issues, CAND-DAMS is a small manufacturing facility. The in house manufacturing issues can be contained in house. We have to have a corporate HR in place to handle the foreign markets. This person needs to be able to travel and handle complaint issues and must understand how the operation works from step one. If there is a mis-fit issue then the HR person needs to be available to go to the customer refit and measure then get the order in and then get it delivered, personally if need be.

CAND-DAMS Inc. is an opportunity to bring the area of sporting equipment to the next step of evolution. An affordable custom fit shoe deliver to your doorstep is something that will leave an impression in the sports world for years to come. Designing, initiating, and committing to the proper global business and marketing plans with ensure that CAND-DAMS will be a household name.

As an organization, we were thinking how we could handle new customer fittings, replacement shoes, reorder new fittings, damage control calls, or return questions. The Research and Development team had thought about hiring another individual to assist with the increase in call volume. They decided against it because of all the high cost associated with hiring a new employee. The position would have been fulltime with a starting salary of the going market rate which is $36,000 dollars annually and does not include any benefits and a retirement plan. Adding a new telecommunication system can be added for half the cost of hiring a new employee. The Research and Development team asked for a written proposal for the installation



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