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Global Climate Change and Its Effects

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Global Climate Change and its Effects

A simple way to describe Global warming would be to say that it refers to an average increase in the Earth's temperature and this increase may cause changes in climate. As the Earth warms up it may lead to significant rise in sea levels, chaotic weather patterns, and catastrophic droughts. When we talk about the issue of climate change, what we are really concerned about is the global warming caused by human activities. In my opinion, Global warming is already causing damage in many parts of the United States. Recent hurricanes are a perfect example of direct consequences of global climate change such as hurricane Katrina and hurricane Rita. Of course, the impacts of global warming are not limited to the United States. In 2004, a massive earthquake triggered the devastating Tsunami, which hit Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and many other countries in the region. This was due to the increasing temperature of the sea and its ability to maintain the Oceanic crust insulated has already been compromised .

Hurricanes form and intensify over oceanic regions. Recent spate of hurricanes is a result of warm, wet mass of air over the sea begins to rise quickly. A natural environmental cycle is responsible rather than any human-induced change 3.Some say, Katrina is just a part of a natural storm . In recent years hurricanes are frequent in the Atlantic Ocean and "these changes in hurricane activity are viewed as resulting from long-period natural climate alterations that historical and paleo-climate records show to have occurred many times in the past ."

Yes, hurricane Katrina and hurricane Rita are a part of the natural environmental cycle but the question is when we ask ourselves, why is the natural environmental cycle acting the way it is? And the root of the problem lies in global warming. Global warming is causing damage in many parts of the United States. As the sea-surface temperature in the Atlantic fluctuates it brings major differences to the number of hurricanes generated in a given year . Other natural climate cycles such as the El Nino Southern Oscillation and the North Atlantic Oscillation may also play a role . In my opinion, hurricanes have become significantly stronger in the past few decades' simultaneously as global temperatures have increased. Therefore, hurricanes like Katrina and Rita generate from a source of very warm, moist air derived



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