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Gilbert Grape

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Gilbert Grape is a young adult male coping with the pressures of transition to adulthood within a dysfunctional family system.

What persons, activities, organizations, would be listed on an eco-map for Gilbert?

The following people will be listed on Gilbert Grapes eco-map: his mother, Bonnie; his younger brother, Arnie; his big sister, Amy; his little sister, Ellen; his older brother; and his dad. The following activities will be listed on Gilbert Grapes eco-map: his job, taking care of Arnie, and helping with household chores. The following organizations would be listed on Gilbert Grapes eco-map: the police department and Foodland.

Describe Gilbert's family members: Mother (Bonnie), Amy, Ellen, Arnie.

Arnie is a 17 year old mentally challenged male. Arnie is the next to youngest in the Grape children. Arnie appears to be very sensitive. Amy is a young adult and spends most of her time taking care of their mother. Amy has no noticeable friends and appears somewhat invisible. Amy is not very sociable and spends most of her time with her family. Ellen is a 15 year old female who recently had her braces taken off. Ellen appears to be the typical teenage girl. Some days Ellen can be moody and yell at her family members. Bonnie is a middle aged mother of five children that is morbidly obese and severely depressed. Bonnie is still mourning the loss her husband that hung himself several years ago.

How did the father's suicide (in the basement) affect the family system?

The suicide of the Grape's father affected the family system negatively. The children had to grow up faster than normal so they could look after one another and help with their mother. Their mother became severely depressed and could not care for the children. Arnie, the younger brother, is mentally challenged and required extra attention causing more stress on the other siblings. Also, without the father being there to help with the maintenance of the house and the house was falling down. Because the father killed himself in the basement, Arnie would not go into the basement. The death of their father caused an emotion strain on the whole family.

What roles can you identify for Gilbert and his sisters?

Gilbert acquired the role of the



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