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Genes and Environment

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Genotype-environment correlations are found in our genes that influence the environments that we are exposed to. There are three types of genotype-environment correlations: passive, evocative and active. Passive gene-environment occurs when biological parents transmit genes that promote the development of a specific trait and create a rearing environment that fosters the development of that trait. Parents choose the environment at a younger age, children have no control over it. The passive gene-environment has a huge effect on early development. In evocative genotype-environment, children evoke responses that are influenced by their genes, and these responses strengthen the child's original style. In evocative genotype-environment, parents tend to respond to their child's interest in a way that increases that ability like registering a child in a basketball camp if they show interest in basketball. The last type of genotype-environment is active genotype-environment. It occurs when exposure to environmental conditions “depends on an individual's genotype” (Arnett 55). Active genotype-environment children begin to seek out situations and environments or “pick their niche” that will strengthen their gene expression (Arnett 55). Shared and nonshared environments have a huge impact on individuals, especially in their families. For example, shared environments make family members more similar than just genes. However, nonshared environments could make family members different even they have similar genes. There is a lot of factors that could family members different such as parental divorce

I grew up in a family that was very passionate about exploring other countries and cultures. When I was a kid I would listen to my dads’ story about the different countries that he visited so I wanted to learn about other cultures and their languages. When my dad found my passion for learning other languages, he started teaching me the languages he knew and would take me to the library to read. When I went to high school I joined the languages club. Genotype-environment effect played a huge role in shaping my interest in other countries and their languages. Passive genotype-environment is the factor that made me listen to my dad. Also, evocative genotype-environment effects played a role, as well as my dad who saw my passion and took me to the library. Lastly, I picked my niche in a high



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