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Generic Benchmarking: Global Communications

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Essay Preview: Generic Benchmarking: Global Communications

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Generic Benchmarking: Global Communications

Global Communications has several problems facing it due to their need to cut cost and partnership with the introduction of new services. I choose to focus on two issues facing Global Communications and used generic benchmarking to find possible solutions. The issues faced were not unique to Global Communications and in fact are common in the business world. The issues were cutting cost and introduction of new services.

Microsoft and Compaq partner together to make personal computer easier to use in order to become competitive in the personal computer market. The two companies say the comprehensive agreement, called the Frontline Partnership, details a commitment from both companies to work together to develop products that are the easiest to use and the simplest to install, with the best performance and value in the industry.

Many computer users hesitate to add components to their computers because making the two operate together was almost impossible. With Intel microprocessor chips and Microsoft software adding components could be simple as "plug and play". Plug and Play, a concept that allows the user to remove a computer system from the box, connect the necessary cables, and have everything work correctly through automatic recognition and configuration of the hardware and software. Linking any devices together in a simple manner will be come the new standard.

In order to make the Partnership and the new products a success there has to be effective communication between the two organizations. As discussed in our course material chapter 15: Organizational Communication in the Internet Age the Microsoft and Compaq displayed perceptual model of communication . Sending and Encoding messages was critical to the communication process ( "Communication begins when a sender encodes an idea or thought. Encoding translates mental thoughts into a code or language that can be understood by others").

The two companies will participate in mutual support and marketing programs, including the sharing of technical support information, cross-training of the respective sales organizations, and the assignment of full-time marketing managers. The two companies will maintain a joint database to track support calls received from Microsoft and Compaq customers, which could lead to suggestions for new features in either company's products.



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