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General Robert E. Lee

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General Robert E. Lee

Robert E lee was born January 19, 1807 at Stanford in Westmoreland country, Virginia .He was the fifth child born to the lee family. He grew part in the part was George Washington was in. He had many ties to the revolutionary war hers/his was educated in Alexandria, viridian, he was commission to brevet 2nd lieutenant of engineers. He was put into a higher rank during a the Mexican war were he was promoted to colonel performing vita scouting mission later he became the general of Virginia and soon after the south seceded from the states he was ask from Lincoln to be the general from the north. But he rejects the offer and went to the south.

Robert E Lee strategy was to stay and defend it self from the north to ruin the union fighting sprits. The offense of strategy was to attack the center of the union which was washigton.he also tried to win foreign support, particularly from Britain, though the use of cotton diplomacy (this was the use of confederacy because of south cotton imp

Importance to Britain textile industries).

He had over several battles in the civil war. These battles included the battle of Bull Run. Which he won due to his value experience by taking the north quick thought victory .He stagiest with the battle of seven-day battle he also won this battle making the north retreat to Richmond. He fought in the second battle of Bull Run he beat the north when they were caught off guarded south and force them up north wee he broth the battle to. He fought in the battle in antaean that was the bloodiest battle in Americana history. He also fought in the battle of Shiloh this battle ended in sort of the draw with the south retiring and the north to exhausted to travel and kill the south.

At the near end of the war during aprail1865 grant had surround grant and he force lee to surrnedeTrapped in the west of Richmond in a small town of Appomattox in the courthouse. He surrenders than rather fight an endless war losing American life. He was able to keep their horse and mule for the war so they could rebuild them self.

In this war it could have been ended easily it lee went to the north the war would have been done al to faster. He would have probably been able to run for president t and would have one. If he had the history of America could have been



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