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General Psychology

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General psychology is the study of the mind and soul (Def). I believe that psychology is needed for all majors. I am an early child hood major. I love working with children. I want to be the best teacher, therefore I need to be able to understand children and there every move. During this semester we have touched on a few topics that I will need during the pursuit of my career. Being able to observe children and make observations, the different learning styles, and lastly but not least understanding their actions.

Above I mentioned observing and making observations is crucial when it comes to children. Being a teacher calls for many responsibilities. You are responsible for knowing each one of your students on a personal level. It is important that you get to know the family that each child comes from. Many teachers overlook small things like a child's emotion as he or she leaves to go home at the end of the day. Children may put up a fuss about leaving for a reason. He or she may not be receiving the appropriate attention at home. Psychology taught me how to analyze situations of that nature. If the mother or father does not show love and affection than the child seem to find that missing nurture in teachers. Every day as a teacher, you should examine each child to look for signs of abuse. If there are signs of abuse you should contact the school counselor and social services to go in to depth with the issue.

Students are not going to work on neither the same level nor the same speed. General psychology allowed me to explore the different learning styles and how it applies to each student. If a child works alone does not like to be bothered with people he/ she are most likely an intrapersonal learner. Solitary learners prefer to work alone, and use self-study (styles). Most children have a kinesthetic learning style. Which means they learn hands on and using their body. While creating your lesson plan teachers should include different activities that connect to each learning style. Auditory learners tend to need audio tapes, and they would prefer work to be read aloud to them. After understanding each child's leaning style, everything else will fall into place. According to Gardner, each type of intelligence has its own particular neurological pattern and, to a great extent, this has been confirmed by research in the behavioral and brain sciences (media).



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