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Gender Dynamics in the Classroom

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Gender dynamics in the classroom is an article written by Susan Basow (Dr. Basow). Dr. Basow is the professor for women's studies in Lafyette College and also published a textbook on Gender: Stereotypes and Roles. In her article of psychology of women she states how there are differences in attitudes towards males and females in the classroom.

As noted in her lectures there have been many studies have shown that women and men have different learning methods and styles of learning and communication. The issues were concerned with is male and female communication. Are they good in a way or bad--or are females being treated differently? Well most teachers have taught females to be expressive and self-confident, while males are trained to be more aggressive and dominate the classroom. There is a difference in styles with men and women, even though both unequal.

Most instructors feel that participation in the class encourages learning and help students shape their vocabulary though discipline and students also get more out of the classroom by engaging in discussion--become participants rather then being observers. The fact with this information is not all students are participating in group activities and discussions because men and women are unequal. Males tend to be the dominate ones in the classroom. For example if a male gets a question wrong the instructor would encourage him to get it right and praise him for a great job for getting the right answer the second time. While females get a chance to answer a question from the instructor and get it wrong; the instructor is more likely to say sorry Betty, maybe next time.

The problem with unequal bias towards males and females will probably never vanish until each instructor is observed through surveillance cameras. Then identify the bias remarks towards the students. Each instructor should be required to take a course on classroom dynamics, to eliminate classroom bias towards males and females.



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