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?An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.? This was the one quote that stood out to me from all of the other quotes that Gandhi said in the movie. Gandhi had a challenging time dealing with the British when he wanted India to be declared free from the British Empire. It must have taken a great deal of patience to not rise up in a forceful way. If he did take a violent stance on the issue, Gandhi would have betrayed his conscience that violence does not solve anything but can only do damage. Gandhi?s philosophy can be put into basic terms in the golden rule. ?Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.? Gandhi treated others with the highest respect and always remained peaceful. He wanted no less respect for himself from others. Gandhi knew that if he were fighting for a free India, he would have to remain peaceful in order to not rile up the British Empire, which at the time was th

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I realize that if I can cause someone harm, I can expect it to come right back to me. It?s difficult to think about because violence is like the domino effect. There are times when one can turn the other cheek and not act in an aggressive or violent manner.

I really appreciate the importance that Gandhi?s quote has in my life. When Gandhi warns us of the dangers of an eye for an eye, he tells us that there will never be an end to violence as long as someone always provokes it. e greatest superpower that the world had ever seen. To bring an end to violence in the world would be next to impossible. Fighting over power and wealth is not the right thing to do, but fighting over values and morals is important. Might does not always equal right, but neither does peace. But if I were to act in an entirely peaceful way, it would most likely display my weakness. We are imperfect people and there will always be violence since we live in an imperfect society. When I see Gandhi acting peacefully, it is because he has worked on this virtue for many years. Stopping violence by not committing any more violence sounds very idealistic. Non-violence can display either inner strength or weakness.



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