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Friend or Foe

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FriendsЎЇ Good or Bad

Friends and family are considered to be the most important influence on young adults in common. This is true that they are the most related people that young adults will feel about. However, I, also representing as a young adult think friends influence you more than the family does. Also, if you ask any young adults, who influences you more, family or friends? Most of them will say friends.

We, young adults are in the highest point where we are malleable that even by a single word; your opinion could totally change. For example, of your cool best friend says that smoking is cool; it is highly capable for you giving a try for smoking. Since your friend recommended you to smoke and will be smoking together, no one will actually stop you. Even your parents or others do, they wonЎЇt be persuasive enough as the friend telling you. Since your parents and you donЎЇt have an agreement in between because of the lacking of communication. Also the interpretation with such things that your parents take and you take have a big gap that it leaves a misunderstanding once again. Therefore, friends of yours have louder voice and persuasion than what your family members do.

Looking back at my personal experience, I could interpret my friends influence to good or bad. I think this is applicable to most of the people who have friends. For example, one of my friends hated people who swore, so whenever she heard me swearing even a bit, I was scorned every time. Consequently, I was influenced by her good examples of not swearing and her strict scorning and now, I barely swear. On the other hand, I had a friend who didnЎЇt finish her homework at home and always tried to finish it at school by getting help from others. Followed by her habits and persuasion of my friend to do it at school together, it became a habit to me too; IЎЇve got influenced by her bad habits. As a result, I think friends can control us even though they have less authority over us than our parents or other family members do.

Being without friends is worse than having enemies. However, sometimes friends could become one of your enemies one day; if not, they might be the ones that could lead the way for a better life to you. In addition, this might be irrelevant to the topic, but still, I would like to say thank you to all my friends that stayed next to



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