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Freestyle Rapping

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Freestyle Rapping

Front on my crew and up your ass you'll find my shoe

Then I'll burn up your fucking ass like a goddamn barbecue

My shit is hardcore, it hits you like that De-ja-vu

Your wig got knocked back after my brief preview

So drop that wack shit before I take this outdoors

Try to rap like me, faggot, and I'll show you the doors

When I'm through, your ugly ass face will be hard to ignore

Cuz you'll look like your mom and your bitch, who's both nasty whores

But yo, chill, just forget what I said

Cuz in anyway I finish you'll be ending up dead

Here comes my second verse

I hope it's way better than the first

Cuz I'm about to drop this shit like your granny on pot

Fake lil rapper, you think your shit is hot

I hate to burst your bubble, but yo, for real, it's not

You're a faggot, ass bitch, you know my rhymes are straight sick

Cuz after you check out my wicked shit

You'll be swallowing your daddy's 3" dick

I bet you'll be choking back on that small shit

But when the ladies get down and dirty on me, it'll be like this and like that, like that and like this

If you wasn't a man, bitch, you would suck my dick

I'm tired of you bringing out that old fake shit

So fake, that your whole fucking style's a counterfeit

K.T.G'll always bring you the real deal

None of that puff-daddy shit, playing a fucking glockenspiel

After my shockwave hits you, your skin'll start to peal



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