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Fra Lippi

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FRA FILIPPO DI TOMMASO LIPPI was one of the foremost Florentine painters of the early Renaissance. His religious painting are always decorative and full of keen observation and human interest. One of the best colorists and draftsmen of his day.

Fra Filippo Lippi, was born in the year 1406, Fra Filippo Lippi who was born in

Florence, Italy, in a side street called Ardiglione, under the Canto alla Cuculia, behind the convent of the Carmelite. He was left at the age of two in great poverty by the death of his father Tommaso, his mother died shortly after. Mona Paccia, his father's sister, took care of him after both of the parents deaths. His aunt had great difficulty caring for him until he reached the age of eight, then she could no longer care for him, and made him a friar in the convent of the Carmine. Fra Lippi never took his work seriously and he was very clumsy. Instead of studying and trying to get good grades he did nothing but cover his books and cover them with caricatures. The prior was determined to give him every opportunity to learn how to paint. The chapel in the Carmine had just been

newly painted by Masaccio, and being very beautiful, greatly delighted Fra Lippi, often visited it every day, and he was always practicing in the company of many other youths who spent their time in drawing there. a short time after he painted ILL Terra Verde in the cloister near the Consecration of Masaccio a pope confirming the rule of the Carmelites, and painted in fresco on several walls in many parts of the church. Fra Lippi was making very good progress on painting that he masted the works of Masaicco. Making his paintings similar to Masaicco. Many people believed that the spirit of Masaccio had entered into the body of Fra Filippo. On a pilaster in the church on day he made the figure of St. Martial, near the organ, which brought him great attention. Then

hearing himself getting so greatly praised by the general cry, he boldly discarded the habit at the age of seventeen years old. But one day, while he was in a fun excursion with some of his friends in Ancona, they were all carried away into a small boat by the light galley's of the Moors. They were put into chains they were carried off as slaves to Barbary, where they remained for eighteen months, enduring great hardships. One day Fra Lippi was on very good terms with his master, his master let Fra Lippi draw him. Fra Lippi had him



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