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From this sample we took of 100 quesstionnaires we tried to ask an even number but we ask 54% males and 44% females these are their views on chocalte bars to help us with our primary research.

The main age group we where targeting was the younger market as they seem to be the most appealing to buy chocolate, where as 25% 18-25, 23% of 25-35, 22% 11-18 and 9% of 45+, we tried to get a varied age range, from this graph we can see that majority of our sample where 18-25.

From this chart we can see

I asked an even number of the different occupational groups is we are trying to get an accurate answer for this survey with a selection of different occupational groups. The largest professional group from the graph is professional work with 17%. While retail follows with 16%. The lowest number from the graph is 13 % from hair and beauty.


From this graph we can see that the average income is 11-20, this is the age range, which most people fall into, while both 0-10 and 21-30 both have 24% of people in these age ranges and only 4% earn over 40.


From this graph we can see that the main category which people fall into from this survey are either married with 33% or single with 31%, we asked 13% of divorced people and 10% where separated, 4% where widowed and 9% where �other’. So I think the main group to aim my chocolate bar should be at families.

from this grapgh I can see that 43% of people have one or two children, this is what they call the �average family’ and a stagering 42% of people asked had no children. 11% have three to four children and noly 4% have more than five children in there household.

Most people either

From this graph we can see that 41% of people

Eat chocolate weekly, in my

Opinion I thought that daily would be the predominant group in this

Graph but it appears only 32% of people would

Eat it daily that’s 9% less than people who eat it

Weekly, 15% of the people we asked eat it monthly and 12% eat it daily.


From this graph we can see that 52% of people like milk chocolate this seems to be the favourite among the sample we asked while so 28% liked dark and 20% liked white. So I think our bar should consist of milk chocolate, as it is the clear favourite. I thin it is the favourite because of the intense advertising used wit this type of chocolate with companies such as Cadburys and galaxy, you never really see and advertisements for any dark chocolates or white and when you usually do they are normally limited edition.


Cadburys has most of the votes for this one as the of the intense advertising of this product and the promotional side along with sponsorship it has amassed 40% as people favourite follows by galaxy with 32%, this brand I think will gradlly enger victorisu over caburys as it mars with 12% and nestle with 16 % these scored lower as they are now widely known


79% said yes they would buy a single bar as it is handy and easy to do, 21% said no as they probably feel it is better to buy mutilpack, as it is better value. So I don think we should introduce a mutilpack range.


63% said yes as it would probably be for a family or for others, as it is cheaper and easier to buy and always can be found at god prices in your local supermarket, 37% said no probably due to the fact that for their children it is a bad choice and feel if it is in the house the children will get to it



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