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Fort Jackson Military Base

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Fort Jackson military base is located in Columbia SC. This is one of the largest and most frequently used bases for military and public events. In order to receive access onto the base, you must drive through a security gate clearance where they take a copy of your drivers licsense as well as all passengers present. Once this information is taken, full access to base is granted. To “harden” this target, the very first policy that would be put into place is a criminal history/ background check for any individuals that wants access to base, if cleared access is granted, if not, they will be added to a listing so the next time they try to regain enterance, it’s flagged. Another policy that I would put into place is that at each gates security clearance there are armed guards in front of the booths, behind, and also inside of the gate. This will allow for more eyes in case of emergency as well as more security at the enterance of gate. Another way to harden this target is by adding military escortes throughout base for those who don’t have military I.D, this means that anyone who isn’t apart or retired from the US Army must have an escort present at all time. Anyone apart of or retired must show credentials for access without escort. I would also add security stations in each building on base that is responsible for watching cameras that show the entire facilities inside and out. Each building will also have an armed office present at all time. By implying these policies, Fort Jackson military base will be a “harden” target that is less sespetible to terriorist attacks or threats.



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