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Forsythia Blossom

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Evan King and Kamari Johnson


6th Period

                             A Marvelous Journey

        One day, a guy named Jake was walking through the forest. He was trying to find the rare Forsythia Blossom when he came upon the Butterfly Bush. He said “Wow! It’s yellow like the Sun. He put the Butterfly Bush in his backpack and started to look for the Forsythia Blossom. As he was walking through the forest, he spotted a Golden Fleece. He picked up the Fleece and wondered how it got there. So he picked up the glorious fleece and started to head off.

        As he was walking through the forest, he saw that there was a humungous amount of Golden Fleece in some sort of trail. He decided to follow the trail for about ten minutes until he saw an amazing thing. There was a sheep with golden like wool. Jake walked up to the sheep and said to himself “Wow, that sheep looks like it has a light from heaven glaring down on it, it feels like a soft puffy cloud, and lastly, it smells like a sweet scented flower. As he was taking his camera out to take a picture, the golden sheep starts to run away. Jake chases after it until the sheep stopped at a dead end. A cliff.

        It was some sort of ridge that he approached. In the distance, he could see storm clouds approaching them. He started to find some shelter so he couldn’t get wet until he saw something horrible happen. A lightning bolt hit the ridge where the sheep was walking and knocked the sheep off the ridge. He approached the stormy ridge when he saw the sheep hanging from a branch sticking out of the ridge. He rushed toward the sheep and tried to get it off the branch and back up to the ridge. He was using all his strength to try to pick up the golden sheep. Suddenly, it all paid off. Jake had saved the golden sheep from falling off the stormy ridge. After he had saved the golden sheep, there it was, a rare Forsythia Blossom. He was very excited this journey paid off. Since Jake didn’t get the picture of the golden sheep, he decided to take one. He left the forest thinking to himself, “This was a journey to never forget”.  



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